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NEW Staff Onboarding: 4-H Volunteer Development 101

New staff are highly encouraged to register for Clover Academy but all are welcome.

Are you new to 4-H? The 4-H family welcomes you and looks forward to supporting you along your professional development journey. Learn about all things 4-H through the Northeast Region’s Clover Academy- a quarterly onboarding series coordinated by the Northeast 4-H Program Leaders.

Next up, 4-H Volunteer Development 101, facilitated by NE Region Volunteerism Team. Working with 4-H volunteers is not an easy job- but it is an important piece of the 4-H program. Join us as we walk you through the ISOTURE volunteer management model. This interactive session will look at everything from role descriptions and screening volunteers to recognition ideas and the importance of volunteer impact. You’ll leave the workshop with some tips, tricks and ideas to help you strengthen your volunteer program, meet new colleagues from the region and have a chance to win one of two door prizes!

We hope you will join us on December 8, 2022, from 9am-Noon via Zoom. Be sure to register by December 4th and reach out to Kelly Campbell ( with any questions. Looking forward to seeing you at the next Clover Academy!

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