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NYS Event Chaperones

NYS 4-H State Event Chaperones are critical to the success of the 4-H events! 


What happens in 4-H programs and how they are planned and led makes a huge difference in the impact of the program on youth. Youth need to feel safe in 4-H programs and be able to interact positively with others. Physical and psychological safety is foundational for high quality programs, creating environments where youth can experience a sense of belonging, and helping youth thrive


The NYS 4-H team is committed to creating safe, high quality learning experiences for all youth. NYS 4-H events are collaborative events between Cornell University & Cornell Cooperative Extension thus chaperones are volunteers for both organizations. County Association, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Cornell University Policy & Procedures come together to proactively develop a safe environment for staff, partners, chaperones, and youth to engage in NYS 4-H Events. 

Role Description

All chaperones at 4-H events work together to support and supervise all youth involved - those from your community and those from across the state. State Event Chaperones model and help everyone live up to the 4-H Code of Conduct and relevant Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension policies in order to ensure that everyone has a safe and positive experience. All youth must be chaperoned at all times. 

NYS 4-H Event Chaperone Role Description

NYS 4-H hosts several events each year. Here are some examples of annual events where you can be a chaperone. See event information for specific details of chaperone roles and responsibilities.


Clearance and Training

CCE Association Volunteer Policy and

CCE Chaperone Policy   

As a NYS 4-H State Event Chaperone and CCE Long-Term Volunteer, you will complete the Volunteer Involvement Process with your local CCE Association and review the Role Description and specific information about the event where you will be a chaperone.  

Cornell Children and Youth Safety Policy 

In addition to Cornell Cooperative Extension's Volunteer Involvement Policy & Procedures, staff and volunteer chaperones for NYS 4-H Events are supporting and upholding Children and Youth Safety at Cornell policy and procedures, including related Risk Management and Volunteer Program policies. According to Cornell University's policy, employees and volunteers may start working with children and youth after they have: 

  • Completed the event-specific Chaperone Registration forms, which include the Description of Services, Profile, Agreement, and Assumption of Risk forms.   

  • Cornell University Risk Management conducts a Criminal Background check and sex offender search  

  • Completed CULearn courses RMI 101- Protecting Children: Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct and RMI 103-Boundary Training for Educators and then submitted the course completion certificate to the Event Coordinator. 

  • Understood how to report an incident involving a child or youth. Chaperones will be given a communication process and contact information specific to the event. 


Meeting with Your CCE Staff Coordinator 

CCE Staff will schedule a time after registration to review the requirements and expectations to ensure your understanding, preparedness, and comfort in creating a safe experience for youth.  

Laptop Corner

Preparing to Chaperone at NYS 4-H Statewide Events Moodle Course 

The Preparing to Chaperone at NYS 4-H Statewide Events course (housed in the Moodle online platform) puts the preparation process in one place and walks chaperones through the specific clearance and training process for this year's event.


To enroll in the Moodle course, please: 

  1. Log in to the CCE Moodle page  

    • If you don't have a CCE Moodle account yet 

      • If you have a Cornell netid, sign in using your Cornell netid and an account will be set up for you.  

      • If you don’t have a Cornell netid, create an account with Moodle by using the "Create new account" link under the heading "Is this your first time here." You will receive a confirmation email with a link in it (check spam or junk email if you cannot find that email.) Then click that link to confirm your account.   

    • If you already have an account with Moodle, go to step 2.  

  2. Go to the Preparing to Chaperone at NYS 4-H Statewide Events course, which will ask you for the enrollment key.  

  3. Enter the enrollment key: NYS4Hchaperone 

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