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Your time and talents can make a big impact.

NYS 4-H Events

Adult leaders are critical to the success of the 4-H events! 


What happens in 4-H programs and how they are planned and led makes a huge difference in the impact of the program on youth. Youth need to feel safe in 4-H programs and be able to interact positively with others. Physical and psychological safety is foundational for high quality programs, creating environments where youth can experience a sense of belonging, and helping youth thrive


The NYS 4-H team is committed to creating safe, high quality learning experiences for all youth. NYS 4-H events are collaborative events between Cornell University & Cornell Cooperative Extension. County Association, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Cornell University Policy & Procedures come together to proactively develop a safe environment for staff, partners, chaperones, and youth to engage in NYS 4-H Events. 

Adult Roles at State Events

Adults at 4-H events work together to support youth. They model and help everyone live up to the 4-H Code of Conduct and relevant Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension policies in order to ensure that everyone has a safe and positive experience. 

NEW - Adult (staff and volunteers) roles at state 4-H events fall into one of 3 categories. Please read the descriptions below to determine with category your role is in.

Category 1: Collaborator role description

Examples: evaluators, scorekeepers, guest speakers

Category 2: Authorized Person role description 

Examples: chaperones, coaches

Category 3: Authorized Driver role description

Examples: chaperones/coaches with driving responsibilities

NYS 4-H hosts several events each year. Here are some examples of annual events where you can be involved. See event information for specific details of roles and responsibilities.


For Chaperone and Event Leader
Next Steps and Orientation

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