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4-H is the youth development program of Extension. We envision a world in which youth and adults learn, grow, and work together as catalysts for thriving.

4-H Youth Development is a strong and vibrant program with a long and successful history.  4-H Educators, volunteers, and members are passionate about the program and can be strong advocates for 4-H and Extension overall.  The information here is designed to provide you with an initial sense of direction regarding the NYS 4-H program, where you can turn for more information, and to encourage you to begin reviewing the most critical information.

Please reach out to Alexa Maille to explore this information more and answer any questions you have regarding 4-H and the important role CCE Executive Directors play in supporting the program at the local level.  



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Helping Youth Thrive

Helping youth thrive is the shared purpose of 4-H and Positive Youth Development is the science that supports us on the pathways of that purpose.

Guiding Principles

Let's explore the principles, networks, and institutions that guide Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development.

program planning, evaluation, and advising professional development opportunity

Program Development

Connect back to Cornell Cooperative Extension resources for new Executive Directors and all Executive Directors.

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