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NYS 4-H In-Service

Cornell’s Land Grant Mission is to serve New York by using its expertise to solve real-world problems. Cornell Cooperative Extension connects research and practice, supporting programs with collaborations and partnerships with Cornell University faculty and staff and other land grant institutions. In 4-H, we connect youth with Cornell and Land Grant resources and social networks, empowering young people with the skills to lead for a lifetime.

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2024 4-H In-Service:
May 15 - 17, 2024

2023 In-Service Resources

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

What does it mean to connect 4-Hers to

Cornell through Cooperative Extension?


NYS 4-H Educators are invited to join us at the 4-H Spring In-Service as we explore a myriad of ways to bring home the possibilities of being engaged members of this dynamic, complex system.


We’ll work together to:

  • Develop and strengthen relationships amongst campus and county colleagues.

  • Develop skills in defining, developing, and maintaining collaborations.

  • Find mentors and provide mentorship for growing and sustaining campus-county connections.

  • Learn about upcoming and ongoing opportunities to collaborate.

Thank you for Participating

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Monday, April 10

12:30 PM      Event check in opens (ILR Conference Center Room 423)

1:00 PM        Welcome (general session slides)

1:30 PM        Big Red Panel – connecting with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Tom Overton) and the College of Human Ecology (Kim Kopko)

3:00 PM       Break

3:15 PM        Building Strong Campus County Connections (led by CCE Organizational Development)

4:00 PM       Setting out on your quest: your hopes and goals for campus-county connections

                      - Connection Quest Document

4:30 PM       Cornell campus tour and scavenger hunt (Pictures)

6:00 PM       Good evening and dinner on your own

Day 1 Documents

 - Connection Quest

 - Hiking map/Goal Setting

Tuesday, April 11

9:00 AM        Mindfulness: Value of practice and the benefits for stress management (ILR Conference Center Room 423)

9:45 AM        Transition time

10:00 AM      Workshops 

11:00 AM       Transition time

11:15 AM        Collaboration workshops

12:15 PM        Transition time

12:30 PM       Lunch

1:30 PM         Consciously Leading Yourself and Others Through Burnout! (led by Organizational Development Consultant)

2:30 PM        County Educator Panel – perspectives in developing campus-county relationships and stronger partnerships

                       shared by 4-H professionals.

4:00 PM        Reflect and apply to your quest

4:30 PM         Break

5:00               Networking social hosted by PRYDE - connecting researchers, students, and practitioners

6:30 PM         Good evening and dinner on your own

Day 2 Documents

 - PRYDE: Grant and Internship Opportunities

 - PRYDE: Youth Development Research Update Information


Wednesday, April 12

9:00 AM        Collaboration workshops

10:00 AM      Transition time

10:15 AM        Panel on Student Collaborations (ILR Conference Center Room 423)

                       examples of and strategies for collaborating with students shared by campus and county leaders.

11:15 AM         Wrap-Up and Appreciations

12:00 PM      Safe travels

Workshop Descriptions

Tuesday, April 11 10 AM - 11 AM

Workshop Session 1

10 AM.png

Bring the Solar System into Your Program with SPIF  

Zoe Learner Ponterio 


The Spacecraft Planetary Image Facility (SPIF) has been conducting outreach and K-12 educational enrichment in the fields of planetary science and space exploration for over 40 years. We reach thousands of kids, educators, and families every year with our events and programs. Come learn about the services we offer that will enhance your STEM lessons at all grade levels on topics such as astronomy, geology, engineering, math, chemistry, and biology. 


Spatial Thinking and Equity = STEM Success 

Susan Hoskins 


Narrowing the STEM opportunity gap for youth can be as easy as child’s play – with a few “spatial” words thrown into the mix. It can be as simple as putting pencil to paper using sketching activities. 


Research shows that spatial thinking is critical to STEM success for youth and young adults. The great news is that Spatial Thinking is malleable – it can be taught and learned. 


Discover the importance of using spatial thinking activities and language in your existing 4-H programs to begin to close the opportunity gap for youth and intentionally thinking about equity in program offerings. Take home spatial thinking activities to enhance existing 4-H curricula and prepare all youth for STEM success. 


New Field of Volunteerism: Strategizing for Success 

Kelly Campbell 


Volunteers are star players in the 4-H program and essential it's success. The last few years have impacted not only our programs, but also the field of volunteerism. Are you struggling keep your players on the field and bring in the replacements you need to help your program thrive?  Join this session to explore the current trends in volunteerism and what it means for our program, along with strategies and tactics to rejuvenate and expand your team for the season ahead! 



CCE Vehicles with official plates can park along Tower Road in the lot across from the Plant Science (alongside the soccer & field hockey fields.) Personal and rental vehicles can use the paid parking in the Peterson Lot at the corner of Tower Road & Judd Falls road, there's a meter there to pay by card or you can use the Parkmobile App. For questions please see Cornell Short Term Parking Options.

Conference Locations

ILR Conference Center

Event check-in and general session activities will be in the IRL Conference Center room 423. Some workshop activities will also be here.

Martha Van Rensselaer Hall

Some workshop activities will be in Martha Van Rensselaer Hall.

Mann Library

Some workshop activities will be in Mann Library.

Cornell Campus Tour and Scavenger Hunt 

The last activity of Monday will be led by the Cornell Team & Leadership Center. You will work in teams to complete a scavenger hunt. Along the way, learn to navigate Cornell Campus, identify important places, and learn about Cornell's history and culture. Have fun connecting with colleagues and making Cornell memories. 

Visit Ithaca - Lodging and Eatery Suggestions

Ithaca is a great place to visit, stay and play.  If you are in need of suggestions or ideas of places to stay and eat please visit

There are many options available in and around the Ithaca area, we also suggest checking Air B&B or VRBO for overnight accommodations and work with other educators in your District to share costs.

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