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2023 National 4-H Council STEM Survey - lend your voice to growing STEM in 4-H across the country

National 4-H Council is connecting with 4-H professionals across the country to help determine the future of STEM initiatives at Council through a short 4-H STEM Survey (available here).

The purpose of the survey is to collect information from 4-H professionals at the county/parish, regional and state levels. Your information will help Council meet the greater STEM needs of the 4-H Extension system, engage donors to generate funding for national STEM initiatives, and stay on the cutting edge of STEM content based on Positive Youth Development (PYD). For the purpose of this survey, STEM refers to any 4-H educational programming or content that involves one or more of the following topics: science, technology, engineering, mathematics. The survey will take 7 minutes to complete. Survey closes on October 30th.

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