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Youth in Action: Online Application Opens January 30th; Important Program Changes

• The 4-H Youth in Action program amplifies the diverse stories and leadership of 4-H youth who are making a difference in their communities every day.

• It’s a premiere community of 4-H’ers who are preparing for their future while showcasing how 4-H changed their lives and equipped them to change the lives of others.

• ALL Youth in Action Program applicants receive:

Media, interview, and storytelling training from National 4-H professionals.

• Admission into our national 4-H story database; providing potential national multi-media and spokesperson opportunities.

• Four Award Winners Receive:

o A $5,000 scholarship for higher education, to be paid directly to the institution, including two-year and four-year colleges, trade schools or other advanced learning opportunities.

o A year of personal professional and media development, training, and networking opportunities and national opportunities to serve as a spokesperson and key thought leader in your program area.

o All-expenses paid trips for each award winner & a chaperone to travel as the national youth spokesperson.

o An official reference letter from a National 4-H Council leader for educational or career purposes.

Important Changes to This Year’s Program:

• We are offering virtual Media, Interview, and Storytelling Training for all applicants and their educators in April. Only those who apply will have access to this webinar link!

All applications are admitted into our National 4-H Story Database. This means when various multi-media engagements arise throughout the year, we refer to this database for our 4-H storytelling needs. Even if your 4-H’er isn’t one of the scholarship winners, there is a good chance other donor, social, or media engagements could become available for them throughout the year!

We are becoming pillar agnostic this year! In hopes of opening more opportunities for students with projects that didn’t quite fit into a pillar area or perhaps apply to multiple pillars, we are removing those specific titles. We will still give out four scholarships to our top award winners.

Dates to remember:

January 30, 2023

Online application opens

February 1, 2023

YIA Application Webinar for Extension Professionals

February 22, 2023

YIA Application Webinar for youth/applicants

March 27, 2023

Online application closes

April 16 or 17, 2023

Media, Interview, and Storytelling Training for all applicants and their educators

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