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What Will You Contribute? Invitation for 4-Hers to join the Youth Contribution Project

50 ideas.  $200 each.  No strings attached.


Empower youth to pursue their sparks and make meaningful impacts!  NYS 4-Hers age 12-18 are invited apply for the Youth Contribution Project. Led by the PRYDE Scholars, this is an opportunity for youth to receive $200 to support their idea for making a meaningful contribution. 50 ideas will be selected randomly to receive funding.


A contribution is an act of giving or donating something valuable, whether it's money, time, effort, skills, resources, or ideas, for the purpose of making a positive impact or difference. This is intentionally broad. We believe that any idea can be a meaningful contribution. Youth will have approximately a month to work on their projects. Note that we are considering the feasibility of ideas – ideas that can be completed or a step toward a larger goal that can be completed within the project timeframe. Check out the project FAQs for more information.


Any 4-Her age 12-18 in NYS is eligible to apply. All applications must name at least one 4-H member and an adult partner who works with CCE. The adult partner will support youth as they complete their contribution project and help them access funds, which will be dispersed to the CCE Association. PRYDE Scholars will support youth-adult teams through project resources.


How will NYS 4-Hers contribute? Let us count the ways! Share the Youth Contribution Project website to help youth learn more and apply!


Applications must be received by the end of the day on March 28, 2024.


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