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Volunteer Resource Hub

Have you heard of the National 4-H Volunteer Resource Hub? A project of the PLWG National 4-H Volunteerism Charter Group and designed to house resources to support the preparation, engagement, and utilization of 4-H volunteers as well as the preparation of 4-H professionals working with volunteers. Resources include training, lesson plans, educational and informational documents created by Extension professionals. These resources may be used and shared with volunteers, stakeholders, and youth members (if publicly available and when applicable) as long as appropriate credit is given to the authors.


And speaking of authors! You can be one of them! This month we are looking for resources related to recruitment of volunteers. Volunteers are an integral part of our programs, and we know some of you have developed great strategies that are working for you, so please share them so others can give them a try. Take a moment to submit your favorite resource here and please encourage others with great work you have benefited from to submit! If you have a new resource, you developed in another area…submit that too! Sharing is caring.


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