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STEM PWT: Summer Reading Surprises and recording of Solar Eclipse Pre-party

The STEM PWT invites you to join upcoming STEM adventures:

4-H STEM Adventures – Summer Reading Surprises

March 15, 2024, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

4-H activities pair perfectly with Summer Reading programs!  STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) activities in 4-H are adventures in learning – hands-on, finding and sharing sparks, and fostering positive youth development in communities.  4-H educators will share their experiences partnering with libraries across the state.   We will highlight how leaders use engaging activities in creative ways to bring make-it and take-it activities to libraries.  Topics can include electronics, agriculture, art, woodworking, animal science, space, outdoor environments and just about any adventure under the sun.  Together at this Lunch and Learn we will workshop ideas to connect 4-H resources with library programs to highlight the summer reading program theme. 

This session will be recorded.

Hope to see you there!

Solar Eclipse Pre-party

Celebrate a once in a (several) lifetime opportunity to view a total solar eclipse! Zoe Learner Ponterio, manager of the Cornell Spacecraft Planetary Image Facility, shared how-tos, resources, and activities to help you prepare to experience the eclipse with 4-Hers. We also shared about our activity plans and hopes.

Here is a link to the recording and some resources:

The recording is also posted on the STEM PWT webpage.

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