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State Fair 101 Recording and More!

Good Morning Educators and Staff,

State Fair is a short way off and below are the latest updates from my desk.

Sparks Space – State Fair 101 recording:

Here is the link to view the recording of the most recent Sparks Space held on 6/21 focusing on the State Fair. Please feel free to reach out with any questions that come up for you as a result of viewing this informative recording.


Please be sure to submit your ticket/pass request by FRIDAY (6/30) At this time I have requests from only 13 counties. I know that it can be hard to guestimate your ticket numbers but please do try so that I can get the numbers to State Fair and hopefully avoid some of the frustrations of 2022. I have also created a document explaining what tickets are used for what.

Please take note that I did ask SF about the 12 and under for free…that is only for the fair goer…if you have youth under the age of 12 who needs to enter the grounds before the general admission hours (9 am daily) they will need exhibitor passes. There are also no multi-day passes, only daily passes. Please do not request excessive numbers of passes as this may cause additional difficulties.

Youth Animal Registration:

As Brian Aukema shared the State Fair set deadline for Youth Animal Entries is August 4th! I will be posting all registration links on the NYS 4-H Website within the next day or so and notify folks when those are live. As stated in the Sparks space, youth will have to register in 2 places for the 2023 fair. I will post both links within the Animal Science information section and Brian is working diligently with SF administration to get the premium books done and published. Please reach out to Brian with any questions that you may have.

Youth Building Events:

Please check the website for Youth Building Events and registration information. Most events are accepting registration now.

Teen Leadership Opportunities:

I will be updating this information over the next few days and sharing more details about the Junior Superintendents and the Teen/Youth Leadership positions at the NYS Fair. I do have application links available on the website if you already have youth interested in applying. More to come on these opportunities shortly.

As always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have and try to assist as I can with any challenges you may be facing regarding State Fair.


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