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Power Up the Power Protectors!

NYS 4-H is looking for teams made up of youth and adults to join this year's NYS 4-H STEM Challenge and lead Power Protectors activities across New York State. You can help power up youth superheroes in your community!

Your Mission

Work as a team to lead a Power Protectors program for a minimum of one group in your community. This could be for youth who are already be part of a club, afterschool program, or other 4-H group that you bring this activity to. Or this may be a new group of youth brought together just for this 4-H experience.


  • October 23, 2023: sign up deadline

  • November 2023: kit distribution and facilitation training

  • December 2023 through January 2024: lead your local program

  • End of January 2024: program showcase and celebrations

Your Leadership Team

Power Protectors leadership teams should include at least one youth leader (age 13 or older) and one adult leader. This could be a youth leader and a volunteer, a parent and child, a teacher and student, etc.

Superhero Supports

This opportunity is open to any youth adult team in NYS that is interested. No prior knowledge required and this could be your first 4-H experience. The NYS 4-H STEM Challenge Team will provide mentorship as you grow your leadership skills in new ways. The Challenge Team will lead virtual training and be available for ongoing support in to help with how to lead kit activities, planning for local implementation, adapting for different settings, connecting Power Protectors to Cornell, and give you tools for the report back. Power Protectors leadership teams will receive a free Power Protectors kit. The kit is designed for youth ages 8-14 years. Each kit contains enough supplies for 6 youth and most supplies are reusable. Kit can be adapted for different ages and also to work with larger groups. Please work together in your team to complete one application per team. You might find it helpful to have everyone together to fill out the form. You can also download the application questions here to prepare.

Please email Alexa if you have questions or feedback. Thank you!

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