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On Our Way to 5 for Thriving - the 2023 National 4-H Annual Index Study

Thanks for all your help getting the message and invitation out for the National 4-H Annual Index Study!

We have about 60 responses so far. Our goal is to have 250 responses to the survey by May 31, 2023. If we are able to reach that goal, we will also be able to receive a NYS-specific report. If at least 5 youth from each Association complete the survey, we will reach that goal.

Please share this opportunity through your local newsletters and communication channels. Here is a downloadable graphic you could use on social media if you like. Are there youth who come to mind that you could contact directly to participate? Let's work together to amplify the voices of NYS 4-H youth and learn about their 4-H experiences.

Learn more in the Q&A session recording and slides. You can also contact Andy or Alexa with questions. Thank you!

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