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2023 National 4-H Annual Index Study

The National 4-H Thriving and Common Measures Teams are leading a study of the 4-H positive youth development (PYD) experience and impacts. This study integrates 4-H Common Measures and the 4-H Thriving Model tools and will provide us unique insight into the relationship between program quality, learning, and program impact. It will allow us to improve our 4-H approach and ensure we are doing the very best we can for America’s youth today.

New York State 4-H will be supporting this effort to learn more about how 4-H positive youth development is helping youth thrive. The aims of the National 4-H Annual Index Study align directly with our statewide Plan of Work goals. Participating in this study provides us with an opportunity to learn more about how we are working towards those goals and connect with national efforts as well.

The study invites youth ages 13-18 to share feedback about their 4-H experience through an online Qualtrics survey that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. We will be sharing the survey link with all eligible youth in an invitation sent through 4-H Online.

Our goal is to have 250 responses to the survey by May 31, 2023. If we are able to reach that goal, we will also be able to receive a NYS-specific report. Let's work together to amplify the voices of NYS 4-H youth and learn about their 4-H experiences.

We are hosting a Q&A session about this opportunity on April 19 at 11 AM. Please register here to join in. You can also contact Andy or Alexa with questions. Thank you!

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