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New Release: Food Systems Exploration PDF

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Food Systems Exploration Activity Series invites youth in grades 7-10 and their families to think more intentionally about food systems, have meaningful conversations across generations, and use the concepts learned to reconnect with family and the community. Youth will recognize how they fit into the food system and how they can engage in addressing social issues related to food.

Recently, the online version was released on the National 4-H website ( to be accessible by the 4-H community around the world.

Now you can download a printable PDF file from Cornell Box.

The pdf file contains the introduction, eight lessons with their worksheets, survey questionnaires, and a session record form. If you're interested in a hard copy of this curriculum, please email Mingla by Friday, August 12, 2022.

Workshops and Q&A for Educators will be available after the State Fair. Please stay tuned!

(The series is developed by Mingla Charoenmuang (NYS 4-H), MB Mitcham (eCornell), and Ashley M. Helmholdt (Cornell Garden-based Learning))

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