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National 4-H Council Seeks Video Clips for JOANN Thank You

The JOANN campaign has just wrapped up and we are excited to celebrate a record-breaking campaign with final totals to be announced in the coming weeks! We are working on putting together a thank you video to be shared with the JOANN stores and leaders to thank them for their partnership with 4-H. If you have the capacity, we invite you to film a quick video no longer than 30 seconds that can be included in the thank you reel. It could feature 4-H’ers and/or staff and can be recorded on a phone preferably in a vertical format (think of it as similar to an Instagram story).

Here is a guide for what to say in the video:

  • Thank you to all the JOANN team members for your partnership with 4-H

  • Your partnership will help so many youth, like me, build skills through 4-H (include a specific example)

  • Closing thank you

If you are interested and able to participate, please share the video file with me by Monday, May 9. There is no obligation to share anything, but we’d love to include a clip from your state if you are able.

Thank you for your support in helping us recognize one of our great partners of 4-H as we celebrate the POS campaign. We look forward to sharing the final totals with you soon!

Thank you,

Whitney Kirkpatrick

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