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Looking for Engaging Agricultural Safety Training Videos for Youth?

NYCAMH’s commitment to continuing safety trainings when in-person events were not possible inspired the creation of a collection of videos demonstrating agricultural hazards and discussing related safety tips. The videos are now available for public use through NYCAMH’s YouTube channel. The playlist of videos can be found here:

The nine demonstration videos include:

• PTO Entanglement Demonstration

• PPE Demonstration

• Fire Extinguisher Demonstration

• PTO Simulator Demonstration

• Mechanical Hazard Board Simulator

• Reaction Timer

• PTO Safety Demonstration – Shoelace Challenge

• Tractor Rollover Demonstration

• Prevención de volcaduras de tractor – A Spanish language version of the Tractor Rollover Demonstration

If you are a 4-H educator looking for safety training resources, these videos could stimulate impactful and engaging conversations on farm safety topics, and are ideal when you don’t have space, time, or resources for a live demonstration.

To request trainings featuring these demonstrations, or to suggest future video topics, contact Pauline Boyer, Outreach Coordinator, at or 800-343-7527. Visit to learn more about services and resources available through NYCAMH.

NYCAMH, a program of Bassett Healthcare Network, is enhancing agricultural and rural health by preventing and treating occupational injury and illness.

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