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Grassroots Engagement and Social Justice through Cooperative Extension

Part of the BCTR Talks at Twelve Series. Join in person or on Zoom.

This discussion will highlight the book Grassroots Engagement and Social Justice through Cooperative Extension. This work grew out of a commitment to the belief that land-grant system educators can and should be deeply engaged with the communities they work in to improve life—individually and collectively. Rooted in an understanding of the history and development of Extension, this book focuses on contemporary efforts to address systemic inequities within communities. This discussion is designed to offer a vision for the future of Extension and community education as its practitioners continue to reach for the cultural competence necessary to address issues of systemic injustice in the communities they serve and of which they are a part.

Nia Imani Fields is a member of the University of Maryland Extension faculty. Fields has a doctorate in Urban Affairs and Public Policy from Morgan State University and has a long career in youth and community engagement. As the prior Maryland 4-H Program Leader, Fields provided leadership and direction for 4-H Youth Development programs, faculty and staff. Her true purpose in life is to expose as many young people as possible to new and exciting experiences—experiences that encourage youth to dream BIG!

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