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CCE Volunteer Engagement Updates

The summer is in full swing! Hope you are all doing well though the busy season and soaking in the joy that comes from creating engaging and memorable summer experiences for your communities. Thank you for all you do! It's amazing to watch! Sharing some updates for the next few months leading into fall. As summer wraps up and planning for Fall begins, stay tuned for a chance to share your feedback on the Volunteer Matters Series and to inform planning for the year ahead. Always happy to set up a time to chat or even visit so please don't hesitate to reach out! All the best, Kelly Volunteer Matters Series: Register for August Evaluation: Learning & Growing Together

A balanced volunteer system brings together the management of processes and the development of people. Formal and informal evaluation provides the opportunity to determine your current balance, celebrate success, and inform your program. Explore methods for providing feedback, assisting volunteers in achieving personal goals, and learning from volunteers to improve their role and the organization.

What is Volunteer Matters? Join colleagues from across the state on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 2pm. A chance to learn, connect and collaborate across counites. Philosophy, policy, and best practices come together to help your organization thrive! You can review the complete list of sessions and register for the topics most relevant to you.

Interested in past sessions?

CCE Volunteer Management Tool: NEW Training Dates Did you know there is a way to track your volunteers? Join us as we explore a tool to simplify your volunteer processes and data. The first two sessions will focus on adding your data and maximizing the use of the tool. The second two sessions will focus on how the tool can work for you by exploring reports and the use of data to inform your volunteer process and program. You come ready to learn and engage with the tool as we walk you through examples and we'll come ready to share and collect your input. Your chance to share your questions and ideas directly with the developer! Each session will repeat, so choose the best dates for you. You can register in advance to share your questions or right up to the time of the event.

  • Aug 10 @ 9:00 AM- Adding Data

  • Aug 24 @ 9:00 AM- Adding Data

  • Sep 7 @ 9:00 AM- Using Data

  • Sep 14 @ 9:00 AM- Using Data

Want a jumpstart? Check out the Volunteer Management Tool: How-To Session recording and User Guide. Explore the resources, test out the tool, consider how it can help your team develop a holistic approach for your volunteer systems. First time hearing about this tool and interested in learning what it can offer you? You can review the Strategies for Tracking Volunteers Recording & Resources on the CCE Staff Site.

Volunteer Engagement- Directly to You! Thank you to St Lawrence County for welcoming our Org. Dev. team for a day of connection, sharing, and professional development! The team has been joining in for the Volunteer Matters Series and is taking a collective look at their volunteer system and processes. So wonderful to meet and explore possibilities in person! You can find tools and resources on the staff site of course, but are you looking for something more personal or specific to your county's current needs? Professional Development, listening sessions, and facilitation are all available to you. I would be happy create with you a plan based on your needs and join in with your teams via Zoom or in person. Have an idea? Don't hesitate to reach out and explore the possibilities for your team!

Volunteer Resource Highlight: Orientation Resources At May's Volunteer Matters Session, we explored a resource which can help you in planning your volunteer orientations. Exploring Extension and Our Volunteer Opportunities was developed as a Pre-Orientation and can be used on your website for potential volunteers to explore when they land on your website. Or maybe once a volunteer has expressed interest, it’s a first step to keep them engaged before they are able to meet with staff. Or those who explored the tool in May found the introductory videos would be helpful additions to their orientations. I am in the process of collecting feedback and updating this resource so please register as a staff member, explore and share your thoughts and feedback. Questions? Happy to help!

Volunteer Engagement Resources If you are new to CCE or just need a refresher on the Volunteer Involvement resources, you can find them under the Organization Development page of the CCE Staff Site. Always happy to hear from you and walk you through the resources as needed, so please reach out.

Volunteer Engagement Listserv Know someone who would benefit from volunteer updates? Please share and encourage them to submit a request to be added to the Volunteer Engagement Listserv.

Kelly M. Campbell

Volunteer Engagement Specialist

Cornell Cooperative Extension Administration

365 Roberts Hall

Ithaca, NY 14853

607.253.2013 (t)

607.765.7634 (c)

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