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4-H Afterschool Project

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce a new project in collaboration between NYS 4-H and Stephanie Graf, CCE Jefferson County Deputy Director, and Youth and Family Issue Leader. As we all know, 4-H is experiencing dynamic change related to limited core funding, changing demographics, shifting dynamics in the availability of volunteers, and long-term changes in community and educational systems exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, CCE Associations are responding and innovating with new approaches to delivering high-quality 4-H programming. 4-H Afterschool is one place where this innovation is most evident, led by the large and dynamic 4-H Afterschool program in CCE Jefferson. Expansion of efforts in the afterschool space is one potential avenue to counter these trends and continue to deliver high-quality 4-H research-based programs to as many youths as possible and as diverse an audience as possible.

Stephanie will be leading an effort to learn more about what is currently happening in CCE in the afterschool space, documenting challenges and opportunities for expansion, and building capacity based on the needs and opportunities identified. The longer-term goal is to create and sustain a network of Association sites to build towards increased capacity and funding in preparation for 2025 and 2026 when the current five-year cycles for major awards come around again.

Initial Priorities

  • Reach out to all CCE Associations to create an inventory of 4-H Afterschool programs across the system that includes funding streams, contacts, and programming levels.

  • Connect, and collaborate with NYS Network for Success, National Afterschool Alliance, YMCA State level, Boys and Girls Club organization state-level afterschool leadership.

  • On a limited basis respond to questions and help with technical assistance for existing programs and support to Associations seeking to move into this space.

  • Hold bi-monthly (starting in the fall) CCE 4-H Afterschool Systems meetings to evaluate what the needs and interests are beyond the information collected in the inventory process.

Future Goals and Possibilities:

  • Proposal review and editing.

  • Education on available funding sources.

  • School Age Child Care licensing requirements, application, inspections.

  • Staffing requirements

  • Programming

  • Coordinate call-in telephone/zoom meetings.

  • Share resources and information.

  • Logistics/problem-solving.

  • Site visits – utilization of site observation and licensing forms/tools.

Please reach out to Andy Turner ( or Stephanie Graf ( with questions about this project.

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