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Welcome, CCE Intern Emilia!

We would like to introduce Emilia Suarez as one of the CCE Summer Interns working in 4-H Youth Development. Emilia just finished her first year at Cornell University studying food science.  She is a lifelong Rensselaer County resident and excited to learn more about community engagement strategies with 4-H youth in the county she was raised in, as well as across the state.

One of the tasks she is working on this summer is to survey the kits available for educators and families around the state to create a user-friendly inventory that explains what is available, where kits are located, trainings needed, and how to access it.  This is a project that has been in the works for more than two years.

We hope if you hear from Emilia, you will be quick to return her emails or phone calls so she can have a great experience and a complete inventory by the end of summer that can be used by all.  If you have kits available to share, please feel free to email Emilia-  Thank you for your cooperation with this project!   

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