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2024 State Fair - ICYMI

Hello Educators and Staff,


I hope this email finds you all well and getting geared up for the summer season.  Below is information that I have as of today and can share with you regarding State Fair.  We are in the process of updating the webpages and working with State Fair to get the details ironed out for the 2024 NYS Fair.  I know that some of this is coming to you a bit late in the game, but there are many factors at play that I do not have control over and have to wait on until I have accurate information to share.


Dorms:  We will be able to use the dorms as in the past.  There will be no charge for the dorms and registration will be handled the same way as other years.  Adam Davis has updated the registration link and we are in the process of getting the necessary forms updates with correct dates for overnight stays.  It still stands that ALL Adults staying in the dorms MUST HAVE A VERIFIED BACKGROUND SCREENING


Premium Book:  The Premium book has finally been approved by State Fair and you may find it in box -


There are a couple of new classes that allow for AI items in a couple of sections.  You can find what is new and been added on page 4 of the premium book.  You will also find a file that has each section broken out into separate documents to assist in finding items a bit more easily.


Exhibit Lists:  You may find the Exhibit list in the above listed box folder which can be downloaded and edited as necessary.  We are asking that all counties that can upload their completed exhibit list to box for easy of access for all that may need the information that it contains.  You will still need to bring 3 copies (single sided) with you to SF.  The instructions for completing the Exhibit List as well as check lists can be found on pages 1 and 2 of the Exhibit List Document.


You may upload your completed Exhibit list using the following link:


Credentials/Tickets/Parking:  I am still negotiating with State Fair so that we can get what we need.  I will send out a form in the next week or so to try and figure out who needs what types of tickets.  ALL TICKETS AND PARKING WILL BE ELECTRONIC. Stay tuned for more information to come.


Animal Shows and Exhibit Information:  All information regarding Animal Exhibition can be found on the NYS Animal Science Webpages:


Junior Superintendents – We still need a few Jr Superintendents for the NYS Fair (ages 16-19).  You may fill out a simple contact form so that I may connect with them about the opportunity. More information can be found on the NYS 4-H Webpage:


Teen Leaders – I am still in the process of confirming activities and teen leader needs for the different offerings at the NYS Fair. More to come but we will be in need of teen leaders to assit with Evaluations, GPS/GIS, Shooting Sports and more.  Keep an eye out for registration information coming next week.


Evaluations – As you get things geared up for Fairs we know that the Evaluation process and the process and importance of youth receiving constructive feedback is crucial.  NYS 4-H has available a section for Evaluation Best Practices on the website for all educators and staff to use when navigating this, sometimes, delicate space.


I plan to hold an informational zoom July 16th at 1:00 PM which will be recorded as I know that some of you will be knee deep in your fairs at that point.


Contact Autumn Lavine ( with any questions.

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