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Evaluation Best Practices

Resources and tools for Educators, Staff and Volunteers

Exhibiting at fairs has traditionally been an important part of a 4-Her’s project learning experience. Fair judges are part of the team that plays a key role in the 4-Her’s learning process during the year.

Evaluators have responsibility during the conference exhibit evaluation to: Evaluate, Educate, and Encourage. This can be accomplished by gathering information from and sharing information with the 4-H’er.

Danish System

Danish gives every 4-H exhibitor the recognition deserved for the work that was done even if they haven’t yet reached the highest levels and helps young people recognize the need to set goals, improve their skills and “make the best better.” The Danish system rewards achievement more than individuals. The goal, especially for young people, is to cooperate to reach goals more than to compete against friends for ribbons.

Exhibitors are encouraged to help each other meet goals instead of competing against each other; to cooperate instead of compete. There is no reason to hope your fellow exhibitor does worse than you. In Danish you strive to join your “Blue Ribbon” team, not to beat them.

Danish System Documents

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