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4-H aims to grow the next generation of inventors, entrepreneurs and problem-solvers by giving youth plenty of opportunities to try their hands at real world science.


In 4-H STEM, we create supportive relationships that cultivate wonder and fuel learning through investigation and design. Youth and adults work together to create new understanding and design community solutions. 4-Hers grow to become leaders in STEM, work in STEM Careers, and serve their community using STEM.


National 4-H STEM Information

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Leadership Development
Program Design


STEM Events

National 4-H STEM Challenge

The National 4-H STEM Challenge is an annual initiative to inspire kids everywhere to take an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math through hands-on learning.

Find out more about New York’s events.

Summer Reading Partnership with NYS Libraries

2024 theme: Adventure Begins at Your Library

4-H STEM Adventures – Summer Reading Surprises presentation recording and slides

Agricultural Literacy Week in NY

Resources from NYS Libraries:

Share your 4-H opportunities with NY Libraries


​STEM Throughout the Year

STEM Throughout the Year activity ideas curated by NISE Network for incorporating current science, engineering, and technology content into events, special programming, holidays, and seasonal activities

Digital Literacy

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Social Media TestDrive from Cornell's Social Media Lab


4-H Tech Changemakers - empowering young people to close the digital divide by providing the education and tools they need to teach digital skills to adults in their communities.

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Engineering and Technology

3-D Printing

3-D Printing resources available from the STEM Program Work Team.



Expeditionary Skills for Life (partnership between NASA and NIFA)

Shelter in Space from the Cornell Spacecraft Planetary Imaging Facility


Computer Science


The New York State 4-H Esports club fosters safe online spaces for members to connect  with peers around the state, share positive attitudes, teach healthy habits, and provide leadership opportunities. Esports, short for electronic sports, is a form of competition using video games. Through online gaming, youth can develop skills like communication, teamwork, decision making, critical thinking, goal setting, cooperation, and more. We bring in guest speakers from multiple areas of the industry to speak with youth about college opportunities, career choices, and what they do in the industry.

Computer Science Lending Library
There are 30 Google Chromebooks and 2 Google Expedition kits available for loan to county Associations.

Request Form


Activity Planning and Program Development

CSForNYa coalition of educators, industry leaders, nonprofits, & higher education institutions advocating for high quality CS teaching & learning opportunities in schools for every New York student. CSForNY has partnered with organizations like the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), NYSCATE, Cornell Tech, CSForAll, and others to help advocate for computer science education in New York State.


Geospatial Science

4-Hers are having a blast exploring geospatial sciences from simple Geocaching (using GPS receivers to look for hidden treasure boxes all around the world) to complex community mapping projects.  New local clubs are forming as a result of a generous grant opportunity sponsored by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI).  The result is 4-Hers are learning to use Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers to collect spatial data, plot results on detailed maps, and provide useful resources to community planners.

Project Stories

Professional Development

GIS for Youth Webinar presented by Joseph Kerski, ESRI

NYSD Maps and Apps


4-H Community mapping partners are collaborators who are helping to make funding, educational resources and further partnerships possible. Many thanks to:


Cornell NanoScale Facility and "What's Nano about 4-H" webinar


Junk Drawer Robotics - a national curriculum with 3 phases - junk drawer robotics, virtual robotics and NXT platform robotics. More resources with California 4-H

Mississippi 4-H Robotics Youth Development Program.

Style Engineers

Style Engineers is a program designed for youth who love fashion! The program includes a series of activities designed to explore the science and technology of fashion and an online community.

Environmental Science and Alternative Energy

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Citizen Science

Citizen science involves scientists and public participants engaging in real-world scientific collaborations --asking questions, collecting data, and/or interpreting results together. It brings science home. This collaboration can be another space for the transformative power of youth voice as young people help decide the most relevant questions for their communities and take the lead in learning how interpret and use information gained from scientific study. There are a continuum of collaborations options in citizen science projects - from those that spark interest in specific topics or doing science in general to those that inspire youth to lead their own investigations to still others that help communities used what they learn for positive change. 


Climate Change



4-H Energy Bikes Pedal Power

The Power of the Wind 4-H Project

Sustainable Polymers

Sustainable Polymers Project, including curriculum for grades K-2, 3-5, and 6 - 8

Plant & Animal Science.png

Plant and Animal Sciences

Agriculture and Food Systems pillar area

Animal Science

Cornell Garden Based Learning

Curricula & Equipment.png

Curricula and Equipment

Curriculum and Activity Plans


Computer Science Lending Library - There are 30 Google Chromebooks and 2 Google Expedition kits available for loan to county Associations.

4-H Pedal Power Energy Bikes

Geospatial equipment can be check out by emailing Susan Hoskins.

The STEM PWT has Adafruit, Foldscopes, Ozobots, Spheros, and 3-D printers that can be borrowed by emailing Susan Hoskins.

Ohio State University Learning Lab Kits available from Animal Science

Leadership Development

Afterschool Coaching for Reflective Educators in STEM (ACRES)

ACRES is an innovative, video-based coaching experience created by Maine Math and Science Alliance (MMSA). This professional development opportunity is about helping each other lead STEM learning effectively, regardless of the topics we teach or projects we do. Coaching activities happen online through Zoom. 

  • Increase your ability to facilitate STEM learning, regardless of what topic you teach. Learn practical tools and strategies applicable to many STEM learning situations.

  • Learn along with supportive colleagues

  • Practice Zoom and video technology

How It Works

Each module consists of three two-hour, virtual sessions. Each module follows the following outline:

  • Session 1: Participants are introduced to a skill and spend time experiencing and practicing the skill among peers. Participants then return to their program where they capture a short clip of the strategies in action.

  • Session 2: Participants share their clips, reflect on their practice, and share feedback with one another. They then return to their program to record a second round of practice.

  • Session 3: Participants gather for another coaching session where they share their second clip, reflect on their practice, and share feedback with one another.

Module Descriptions
Upcoming ACRES Opportunities


Check out details about the 2023 spring series in the NYS 4-H staff news.


Note: there is also the opportunity to schedule a series customized for your team. Please contact Alexa to learn more. You can also sign up for cohorts directly with MMSA.

Facilitating STEM Learning Experiences

Program Design

4-H STEM learning experiences spark youth interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. Spark Champions (youth and adult mentors) nuture these sparks to deepen and sustain STEM engagement.

We strive to help youth:

  • Have fun doing science

  • Engage in science and engineering practices

  • Identify as science people,

  • Become fluent in STEM

  • Develop environmental literacy and sustainability mindsets

  • Be ready for college and careers

Communicating STEM

Program Evaluation

How do we reflect on what we are learning from our projects and programs? How do we formalize these reflections and share their results through evaluation? Here are some resources to get you started!

4-H Common Measures

PEAR Institute Dimensions of Success

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