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Youth Opportunities and Events at the NY State Fair

Hello Educators and Staff,

Below you will find the 1st round of information regarding State Fair youth opportunities. I will continue to communicate opportunities and information as it becomes available to me. Some items below are still being planned but I felt it important that you be able to communicate with your youth that these opportunities will be available to them at the NYS Fair. Other events and competitions listed below have already opened their registrations and I encourage you all to take a look at the opportunities available to youth and promote them as you see fit. I will discuss more details and answer any questions that folks may initially have during the Sparks Space scheduled for the 21st of June at 1 pm.

As always, I am happy to answer any questions that folks may have.


State Fair Youth Leadership Opportunities

Teen/Youth Leaders – Dates of Participation Vary

Position Description: Youth/Teens are the backbone of our evaluations and booth activities and are needed daily in the youth building to keep things fun and interactive for the fair goers. Youth/teens have the opportunity to register for a number of days in a specific program area, but it could be less depending on need. Youth/Teen leaders register to assist adults/key leaders with events, evaluations, booth management or other areas of the 4-H youth building during the course of the NYS Fair. The number of Teen Evaluators and the days needed varies, depending on the project area and the total number of exhibits to be judged. For example, foods and clothing evaluations usually take place on different days; the same teen(s) may serve as a Teen Evaluator for both, but on different days. Some Teen Evaluators may not be scheduled to participate as a TE all selected days of Fair. Depending on the county rotation period and needs for general Teen Leader/Evaluator positions, not all teens applying may be assigned a position. When this happens, we encourage County Educators to schedule teens to serve in the County Booth or other program areas. Youth/Teens are paid a small premium for their time spent working in a specified area, but may only earn one Leadership premium per day.

Educators must Register youth/teens

Contact: Autumn Lavine -

Junior Superintendents – Dates of Participation Vary

Position Description: Junior Superintendents are the backbone of our behind the scenes efforts at the NYS Fair. Older teens (16-19) may apply to live and work in the 4-H Youth Building at the NYS Fair. Jr. Supers assist with the daily operations of the youth building, talk to the fairgoers, assist with evaluations, plan nightly hands on fun activities for others youth in the building and much more. Jr. Supers are paid a daily premium and are expected to work 8hrs/day for a specified number fo days during the fair. Teens working at this level will learn valuable skills for the workplace as well as how to work as a team while having fun and making new friends.

Application Link: 2023 Jr Super Application

Teens may apply independently, but will need to secure their county educators signature/approval

Contact: Autumn Lavine

State Fair 4-H Youth Building Events and Information

Public Presentation Invitational - 8/24, 8/29, 9/2

Save the date for the NYS 4-H Public Presentation Invitational. More information will be shared soon.

WHEP (Wildlife Habitat Education Program) – 8/25

Registration is Open

County Educator must register youth for participation.

Contact: John Bowe –

Great 4-H Cook Off – 8/26

Registration is Open

County Educator must register youth for participation

Contact: Vicki Fleming –

**NEW** 4-H Cupcake Challenge – 8/27

Registration is Open

Registration Link: (filter by Livingston County)

County Educator must register youth for participation.

Contact: Renee Hopkins –

PiNY – 8/30 & 31

Save the dates! We are working on the registration process and will let everyone know soon how to register to participate.

Registration Opens: TBD

Registration information: TBD

Contact: TBD

Chicken and Turkey BBQ & Egg Prep 9/1

More information will be shared soon. Save the dates for youth interested in these competitions.

Contact: MaryAnn Whipple

Fashion & Textile Revue – 9/3

Registration is Open

Registration: Forms for youth to register will be provided on the NYS 4-H Website within the next day or 2.

County Educator must register youth for participation.

Contact: Kristina Gabalski – or Sarah Clark –

**This event is now open to all youth exhibiting any kind of textile or fashion project. We welcome not only traditional clothing items, but quilts, recycled, crochet and other textile items for the scheduled review.**

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