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Webinar Opportunity for Cultivating Purpose in Adolesence

From the UCLA Center for the Developing Adolescent:

"We are excited to announce the third council report from the National Scientific Council on Adolescence, Cultivating Purpose in Adolescence.

Helping youth develop a sense of purpose–a forward-looking life aim that guides actions and decisions–can promote healthy development across the lifespan. This new report discusses the research into purpose during adolescence and highlights the kinds of support that can help young people discover their own sense of purpose.

Among the insights the report highlights:

  • A sense of purpose is like an internal resource that can support mental health, contribute to resilience, and reduce unhealthy behavior.

  • Youth cultivate their sense of purpose through opportunities to discover and actively explore their unique interests, skills, and values.

  • Although purpose is beneficial for all young people, it can be particularly valuable for youth facing adversity due to poverty, trauma, or discrimination.

Read the report here.

You can learn more about the report at a webinar with some of the authors (including NYS 4-H Team Member, Jamila Walida Simon, and Cornell Professor, Dr. Anthony Burrow) and other experts tomorrow, November 2, at 9 a.m. PT (12 p.m. ET). Register here."

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