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Volunteer Reporting Survey -Due Tomorrow 1/5 

Volunteer Reporting Survey -Due Tomorrow 1/5 

The Program Development and Reporting Tool helps to track and tell the story of our programs, but the story of our volunteers in 2023 will be collected through this quick survey. Each county is asked to submit one survey on behalf of the county. Questions include the categories of volunteers engaged last year, the number of active volunteers in each category and new this year, how you track your volunteers. I appreciate your help in coordinating the teams in your county to collect this data- used to help us tell our volunteer story and to help inform the systems and support provided. Please reach out with any question.  


Volunteer Recognition

At the final Volunteer Matter Showcase last month, we shared inspiring stories of volunteer contributions, successes and special recognitions. Those who joined offered examples of how they are currently recognizing and highlighting volunteers throughout the year, along with suggestions on how we can elevate these stories at a state level. Maybe volunteer highlights each month, a submission tool with monthly invitations to share your stories and continuing the Showcase but extending the invitation to the virtual event to volunteers. Would love to hear more from you about your current approaches and suggestions on the best way to get connected to your local efforts/stories. Do you have ideas for elevating volunteer stories and recognition? I would love to hear from you!  


Volunteer Success Stories 

NEW this year, as part of the Success Stories within the Program Development and Reporting Tool, a "Volunteer Engagement Impacts" Priority Topic has been added! Using the Priority Topic tag or simply including "Volunteer" in your Success Story title will help to collect the stories directly connected to the impact of our volunteers.

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