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Updated NYS 4-H Healthy Food Guidelines

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

NYS 4-H Healthy Food Guidelines Updated by Y-HEAL PWT

The Youth Healthy Eating Active Living Program Work Team (Y-HEAL PWT) has recently updated the NYS 4-H Healthy Food Guidelines to be utilized by youth programs across the state. The guidelines were created as a tool to help our 4-H volunteers, 4-H parents, Choose Health Club officers, camp directors, 4-H after-school staff, and educators create healthy snacks for 4-H meetings and events. All items in the guidelines are affordable, accessible, and loved by kids!

The guidelines focus on the following messages:

  • Replace sweetened drinks with water and low-fat milk

  • Serve more fruits and vegetables

  • Increase consumption of whole grains

  • Serve healthier fast-food choices

  • Provide fewer high-fat and high-sugar items

  • Provide more nutrient-rich and high-fiber foods

  • Serve smaller portions

The guidelines follow MyPlate and include food items from each of the 5 food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy. Youth are encouraged to eat at least 2 food groups when consuming snacks and at least 3 food groups when consuming meals. A variety of snacks, meals, and beverage suggestions are provided, with additional resources linked to recipes, nutrition activities, and more! The link to the new guidelines can be found here.

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