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Upcoming CCE Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Risk Management Series 


Join our Risk Management Team to learn more about the policy, procedures, and best practices to prepare, assess and SHINE, through even the most challenging aspects of Volunteer Management. Thursday we'll explore SHINE. Emergencies, dangerous situations, and inappropriate actions! Oh my! What do you think when you hear close to home examples? Do you wonder if you would be ready to handle the challenge or crisis? Or maybe you've experienced some yourself and wondered what you could have done to be better prepared. These stories and experiences lead us to: understand policies, tighten up our risk management procedures, and learn to improve for the future. Learn a process (SHINE) for supervising staff and volunteers on the scene when trouble erupts and beyond to make the most of an unpleasant, if not detrimental situation. Presented by Jamie Ferris, President of the PW Wood Office, and Kelly Campbell, Volunteer Engagement Specialist- CCE Administration. Open to all staff! 


o        6/6 @ 9am- SHINE 


Preparing for the Risks of Summer

Summer programs are often the highlight of the year! Planning for joyful and engaging experiences is well underway and program Coordinators also take on a role of Risk Management Coordinator when challenges, accidents, or crisis situations arise. This session will provide you with a framework to support you in planning for the risk of summer- including Safety and Communication Plans along with the guidance and resources specific to Fairs, Animals, Camps, Summer Programs and engaging volunteers. Highly recommended for anyone supporting summer programing.

This is the first of three sessions-Understanding Risk Management & Your Role in Mitigating Risk- Understanding CCE association risk management and related insurance issues is important for association operations and program development. To support Extension staff and decision makers, CCE Administration and P.W. Wood and Son Inc. invite you to join us in helping you minimize your organization's and its paid staff and volunteers' exposure to risk. While this is a series, separate registration for each session is required and it is not required to attend all sessions. 

·       11/8 @11am-Contracts 


Volunteer Matters Series- June 20th 


Recognition: Appreciation, Service & Impact Register for this month's session and all remaining sessions of the year! Then join colleagues from across the state on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 2pm. Each session will begin with professional development on a new topic, along with a chance to connect and learn from one another.        

o        July- Evaluation: Learning & Growing Together   

o        August- Data, Impact, & Reporting   

o        September-December- TBD  


As we round out the elements of our Volunteer Framework (ISOTURE) what would you like to see more of? What do you need to better support volunteers in your program/organization? Please share suggestions with Kelly Campbell to help plan sessions for September-December. (   

Volunteer Engagement Resources If you are new to CCE or just need a refresher on the Volunteer Involvement resources, you can find them under the Organization Development page of the CCE Staff Site. Always happy to hear from you and walk you through the resources as needed, so please reach out. 

Volunteer Engagement Listserv Know someone who would benefit from volunteer updates?  Please share and encourage them to submit a request to be added to the Volunteer Engagement e-mail list! 

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