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Upcoming 2024 PYD Academies' Registration

Upcoming 2024 PYD Academies' Registration

Elevate your PYD journey with our upcoming PYD Academy Immersions on January 10th and February 14th. These one‑day virtual learning experiences are crafted for educators and 4‑H professionals seeking to enhance their best practices. January 10th: Access, Equity and Belonging Uncover the keys to understanding diverse communities and learn to implement and evaluate programs with equity and inclusion at their core. A transformative session led by the Access, Equity and Belonging Committee. February 14th: Supporting Volunteers Using the Thriving Model Discover tools to strengthen your understanding of the 4‑H Thriving Model, focusing on our most valuable resource‑dedicated volunteers. This event is a participatory journey, encouraging resource and idea sharing. Don't miss out on these exclusive opportunities to expand your knowledge and impact. Secure your spot today!

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