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Tractor Supply Thank You Video

Below is information about an awesome opportunity to thank TSC for their work in raising funds for local 4-H programs. Please pass on to your counties, ambassador teams, or anyone else that might be interested in submitting a video. Cute animals are also welcome co-stars 😊

Tractor Supply Thank You Video

Thank you for all of your support of the bi-annual Paper Clover fundraising campaign at Tractor Supply. This spring, the campaign reached a major milestone – raising $20M for 4-H’ers since 2010.

As a thank you to Tractor Supply for their longstanding partnership and commitment to 4-H’ers across the country, we’d like to hear directly from YOU, the youth and adult mentors involved in 4-H.

We are asking you to submit a brief video to say thank you to the Tractor Supply associates and share a testimonial about how the funds raised through Tractor Supply create opportunities for young people.

Videos can feature an individual, or a group thank you. We will be compiling the clips into one video to share with Tractor Supply associates ahead of the Fall 2023 Paper Clover campaign.

Video Testimonial Instructions

Sample Script:

  • Introduce yourself – Name and where you are located.

  • Thank you, Tractor Supply, for your support of 4-H and the Paper Clover Campaign!

  • We use funds raised through Paper Clover to XXXXXX.

The video should be brief, about 15-30 seconds in length. The main message should be the thank you. And please, be yourself and try to have fun with it! (Try to use a conversational tone vs. reading from a script.)

Filming Tips:

  • No fancy equipment needed. You can film using your phone.

  • Keep the phone horizontal while filming. Ideally, use a tripod or rest the phone on a steady surface.

  • Make sure you are in a quiet place – limit the background noise as much as possible.

  • Try to set the phone up so that it’s approximately at eye-level with you. Ideally, your face and shoulders will fill most of the frame without too much blank space around you.

  • Try to make sure you have enough light on your face to be seen clearly. Try to avoid having lights or bright windows behind you as you film—this will create a silhouette effect in the video.

Deadline: August 18, 2023

How to Share your Video: Please email all completed videos to

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