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State Fair Updates - July 5

I hope all are well and getting geared up for the crazy and fun summer ahead. Below are some updates as of today.

Remember - all 2022 State Fair information can be located on the staff site here. The site is mobile-friendly for easy viewing on phones and tablets too.

Credentials Requests

I am still trying to get information on how to get the parking and pass information and codes to you all. As I understand it, each county will be issued codes to share with individuals and families that can be used to access the grounds. These codes will allow individuals or staff to print or share a bar/QR code that will allow access to State Fair. Currently, access to the grounds for fair goers will not begin until 9 am, but I am working on getting some clarification on this, especially with regard to competition start times in mind.

Animal Science

The Animal Science page appears to have been updated with the most current information. You can check it out here.

Staff Guide Pages

I have been working with our summer intern in the NYS 4-H Office and Jenn Bassman to get the 2014 Staff Guide to State Fair updates and in a more user-friendly format. You can find the PDFs of the first round attached or on the New, NYS 4-H Staff Site.

Exhibit Inventory

(formerly the Master List) Wendy Richardson has made the necessary edits to this document and it is ready for use. You will still need to bring 3 complete copies to the fair and turn one into the entry office, and one into the main office and keep one in your booth.

Universal Evaluation and Info Sheets

The form that was used previously to collect information from youth about their project/exhibit will no longer be used. For the 2022 fair and beyond we will now be using the universal evaluation sheet, linked below) for collecting youth information and the project evaluation. It has been suggested that perhaps counties within a district each print this on a different color paper so that projects can easily be identified for each county. (ie, Saratoga prints theirs on blue paper and Albany on pink, etc.) I will discuss this more during the July Sparks Space that will focus on State Fair (July 13th @ 10 am).

Booth Activities

The activities that have previously been available for use in county booths will once again be available. I will be taking inventory of what is at SF late next week when I attend the Superintendents meeting. Once that has been completed we will share a sign-up form for counties to reserve activities and what days they will need/use them. Counties/Districts are welcome to “do their own thing” as has been allowed in the past, it is up to each county/district to decide what they will provide and when.

County Attendance

Many of you have been working on your attendance and booth staffing plans. I would appreciate it if each district could share those plans as they know them. Wendy needs to know what counties will be leaving early and which will be coming in late so that she can facilitate and hire judges accordingly (esp. with regard to perishable items) If you are in need of the planning doc I developed and sent at an earlier date, please let me know and I am happy to share.


Adam will begin working on the registration portal soon. More to come, but just know that the dorms WILL BE OPEN for any youth/volunteer/staff wishing to utilize that accommodation.

Youth Building Schedule

I will be working on shoring up these schedules this week and next. If your county/district is in need of the stage or other area of the building for any purpose please reach out to let me know of your needs so that I may plan accordingly.

Jr. Supers

I am now actively recruiting Jr. Supers for the Youth Building. Jr supers must be at least 16 years of age and not have aged out of the program. Please share this application link with the youth in your county.

Teen Leaders

We will most definitely be in need of teen leaders to assist with evaluation the 1st 5 days of the fair and again on the 2nd weekend of the fair. Other opportunities will be determined by what competitions and events are offered in the building. Stay tuned for the registration link for any of your youth (ages 13-19) that are interested.

- Autumn Lavine - NYS Fair Coordinator


Why Participate in the State Fair
Download PDF • 2.04MB

Successful County Displays
Download PDF • 590KB

NYS 4-H Universal Evaluation & Information Sheet Fillable
Download PDF • 524KB

2022 Exhibit Inventory
Download DOCX • 54KB

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