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State Fair: Events, Dorms, and More

Hello Educators and Staff!

State Fair is right around the corner and we are pulling information together for all things State Fair. Animal Science is working diligently with the NYS Fair to get things up and running and I have been working with the NYS Team and others to get our events set up so that youth may register. Please check out the items listed below

Event Registrations

Many of our Youth Building Registrations are up and ready to take registrants. All the necessary information is available on the NYS 4-H Website under the State Fair Tab. Scroll down and click on more information under the topic of interest and then click on the arrows of the spotlight box until you find the event you or your youth are interested in. Poultry BBQ’s, Avian Bowl and Egg Chef Prep are still in the works and I will notify you when the details are finalized so that youth may register for those competitions as well.


The dorm registration is now live and all the documents have been updated. Dorm questions can be sent to Adam Davis. Dorm information can be found under the Dorm information tab on the NYS 4-H State Fair Page.

Premium Books

Premium book information has been updated and shared on the NYS 4-H State Fair page. The Universal Eval form and Exhibit Tags have also been posted. Please reach out to Wendy Richardson if you have any questions.

Sparks Space

Save the date…I will hold an information and update session on Wednesday, July 26th at 1 pm for everyone who wishes to join and go over State Fair information.

This is what I have at the moment, but the information is updated and changes frequently as we negotiate with State Fair.

As always I am happy to answer any and all questions and I will do my best to help in any way that I can.

Have a great day/evening!!


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