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Register Now: Virtual PRYDE Youth Development Research Update

June 1 - 2, 2022

“The Ecology of Youth Learning”

Every year we invite researchers and practitioners to share their work with conference attendees who work directly with youth across New York State, most of whom work in the 4-H Youth Development Program within the Cornell Cooperative Extension network. The conference serves as a forum to discuss issues relevant to the well-being and development of children and adolescents. It’s also a networking event for practitioners to learn about opportunities to get involved in new research and programming opportunities.

To register for this event, please contact Esther Kim.

Download Agenda, Talk Descriptions & Speaker Bios

2022 YDRU Agenda, Talk Descriptions, & Speaker Bios
Download PDF • 244KB

We will be holding the YDRU virtually during the first week of June. We’re planning two mornings (9:30 am-12 pm EST) of talks: Wednesday 6/1 and Thursday 6/2.

This year we’re organizing our conference around topics related to the “Ecology of Youth Learning.” Our conference will engage with a number of questions that relate to the experience of youth learning: What are the current challenges that youth face in educational settings? How can we create enabling spaces for youth to pursue their passions and to take ownership of their education? What do we know about how young people understand “learning” that can inform programming on these subjects?

Attendees will be able to hear from researchers sharing their findings and implications for practice in a series of talks related to youth learning. After the presentations, audience members will break out into small group workshops to deconstruct conference talks and discuss how the research translates into programming and practice in their own work with youth.

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