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Save the Date for TSC Paper Clover October 5-16, 2022

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Happy Fall! With the new season comes October and our fall Tractor Supply Paper Clover campaign starting Oct. 5th and running until Sunday, Oct. 16. The exciting news for this fall’s campaign is – nothing has changed!


Remind me again, what do these funds go to?

Scholarship for camp or 4-H leadership activities/programs.

How much goes back to the state it’s raised in?

90%, 10% stays with Council.

What about online donations?

You can donate online with purchase. However, these funds cannot be tracked to the

individual store, only the state.

When should I expect to receive the funds?

That can vary depending on when TSC gets the check to Council. Given that things

have been running later then they used to since COVID, I’d plan for the middle of


Where do the paper clovers they hang up in the stores come from? Do we need to do anything for that?

Nope – TSC takes care of all that and ships them to the store in advance of the


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