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PLWG AEB Youth in Foster Care Champion Group Seminar

Monday, June 6th @ 12:00 noon ET / 11:00am CT via Zoom

Providing 4-H Opportunities for Youth in Foster Care

Candi Propp Dierenfield, PhD

4-H State Specialized Agent Volunteer Management and Development

University of Florida / Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences

Learn about collaborations with foster care support agencies and working with foster care caseworkers to identify wrap-around services to support youth in foster care and their families. Trauma-informed care is different for every child in a foster care situation. While working with Alaska Center for Resource Families, a 4-H program was created to address more common challenges such as change management, identifying and working through emotions, etc. Input from caseworkers was also crucial in identifying additional services for youth and resources for foster parents. A family club environment provided an opportunity for the entire family to participate, with 4-H club programming for youth and a time for parents to discuss the life skills that were being focused on with the youth.

RSVP BY Wednesday, June 1st to Lena Mallory (YFC Co-Chair) at

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