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"Our Hands to Larger Service" Opportunity

Looking for a Community Service or Service Learning opportunity for youth this month? Have you heard about National Historic Marker Day and organizations can participate in this service-oriented celebration?

National Historic Marker Day will take place this year on Friday, April 29. The William G. Pomeroy Foundation, a philanthropic organization based in Syracuse, NY, created this fun and family-friendly celebration in 2021 to bring people together to clean historic markers in their community while helping to promote and preserve local history.

Markers educate the public, encourage pride of place, promote tourism, and generate economic benefits. Despite their importance, many have not received ongoing care to maintain their luster. Road salt, pollen and other contaminants can take their toll. Markers must be regularly cleaned so they can be enjoyed now and for future generations. That’s where volunteers for National Historic Marker Day make a difference.

I invite you to visit the official National Historic Marker Day webpage for details about registering as a volunteer, planning a service project, tips for cleaning markers, and the benefits of participating.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can answer any questions you may have about the celebration. I hope you are able to join the nationwide celebration on April 29 and wish you the very best in the year ahead.


Maddie Ulrich​

Communiqué D&M Inc.

Maddie Ulrich, Vice President 950 Danby Road, Suite #320 Ithaca, NY 14850 Ph: 607.277.8901 ext. 2103 Cell: 607.422.9777

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