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Onboarding for NEW Staff

New staff especially, are encouraged to sign up for the Northeast Region's Clover Academy. This professional development opportunity helps to provide the foundations of 4-H programs for new staff but we welcome all staff to join in this quarterly experience when topics are valuable for your program.

Understanding Equity, Access & Belonging

September 8th 9 – 11:30 a.m.

The 4-H family welcomes you and looks forward to supporting you along your professional development journey as you learn about all things 4-H through the Northeast Region’s Clover Academy.

Nationally, 4-H has made a commitment to provide opportunities for all youth to thrive! In order to do this, 4-H professionals must commit to increasing understanding of common principles related to diversity, inclusion, and equity. This session will focus on understanding terminology and practices related to access, equity, and culturally relevant teaching. Additionally, this session will focus on trauma informed practice. Trauma is historical, structural, political, intergenerational, interpersonal and embodied. So then, must be our healing. This session will introduce these concepts and share strategies to implement them in our work.

Register is required by September 6 at the following link:

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