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NYS Jr Dairy Leader & AAL

NY State Junior DAIRY LEADER applications are due on June 30th.   This program is for young people who have an interest in learning more about careers and opportunities in the dairy field, along with building personal and professional skills.  Age for this is 16 to 19 ( not have reached their 19th birthday)….applicants are usually in 11th or 12th grade in high school.  The link below takes you to the website to learn more about the program and takes you to the online application.  



NEW OPPORTUNITY:  Many of you may be familiar with the NY State Beginning Dairy Leader program(BDL) that was for young people interested in the dairy and agriculture field and exploring post-secondary educational opportunities in a networking environment.  The BDL program was for young people who would be entering 10th grade this fall but not have graduated high school.  We have reimaged the BDL program and now is named the NY State Animal and Agriculture Leadership program(AAL).  The goals and objectives for the program are very similar to BDL, but we are expanding our connections and networking across Dairy, Livestock, and Equine.  The Animal Science team here at Cornell is collaborating together to offer this opportunity in leadership, career awareness, educational pathways, and networking with other young people with similar interest in the vast field of agriculture. 



Contact Debbie Grusenmeyer ( with any questions.

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