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NYS Animal and Agricultural Leadership Program

The New York Youth Animal Science team is excited to launch a new statewide program for high school students entering at least their sophomore year of high school. 


The NYS Animal and Agricultural Leadership Program (AAL) will give high school students the chance to explore Post-Secondary Education and Career Opportunities in the dairy, livestock and equine industry.   All participants will engage in a networking environment through interaction with faculty and students, college planning, and personal development activities.  Youth will be introduced to all areas of animal science, gaining insights into the various opportunities within each species and how these can be applied beyond their specific area of interest.

Participants will participate in four, two-day programs throughout the year.  Applications are being accepted from now until September 1st. Each applicant will be accepted based on the application essay, interest and a personal reference.   

More information and applications can be found at  The cost for the program is $100 for the year per youth. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Brian Aukema at, Debbie Grusenmeyer at, Brieanna Hughes at, or Jessica Tyson at

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