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NYS 4-H Poultry Youth Participate in the National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference

The New York State 4-H Poultry Program is proud to announce that this year they had six youth participate in the National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference during the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky. New York State 4-H had a team participate in Avian Bowl and 3 youth participate in the individual contest including the Turkey Barbeque, Chicken Barbeque, and the Egg Chef Challenge.

· The NYS 4-H Avian Bowl team placed 2nd at this year’s competition. Team members included Tess Bergfjord of Broome County, Emily Jago from Niagara County and MaryLou Sheckler from Seneca County. The team was coached by Mary Ann Whipple and Jennifer Schwab.

· Participating in the Turkey BBQ contest was Emily Vattimo from Livingston County who placed 2nd overall in the contest.

· Participating the Chicken BBQ contest was Rian DeWitt from Livingston County who placed 5th overall in the contest.

· Participating in the Egg Chef Challenge was Audrey DeWitt from Livingston County who placed 2nd over in the contest.

The Avian Bowl contest is a jeopardy style contest, where contestants answer questions based on the Poultry industry.

The Turkey and Chicken Barbeque contest the youth have 2 hours to prepare 4 pieces of chicken/turkey. They use their own recipe and must prepare the recipe and cook the meat in front of the judges during this 2-hour window. They then must prepare a ten-minute presentation on the chicken or turkey industry and the economic importance of the industry.

The Egg Chef Challenge the youth prepare their own Egg recipe in front of judges, during the presentation the youth must talk about the nutritional value of eggs and steps in preparation of the dish.

Congratulations to all these NYS 4-H members.

If you have any questions about the NYS 4-H Poultry program or are interested in sponsoring teams in the future, please contact Brian Aukema NYS 4-H Livestock and Companion Animal Specialist at or at 607-254-1208.

****Pictures-Egg Challenge Audrey DeWitt, Emily Vattimo, Jennifer Schwab and Rian DeWitt

            Avian Bowl Emily Jago, Representative from NAILE, Tess Bergfjord, MaryLou Sheckler

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