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New York State 4-H Educator’s Conference: Request for Proposals

Updated: Jun 3

Dear Youth Development Colleagues,

            The New York State Association of Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Educators (NYSACCE4-HE) Professional Development Committee and Finger Lakes 4-H District have been busy at work planning for the annual New York State 4-H Educator’s Conference to be held on October 2nd to the 3rd at the 41 Lakefront Hotel in Geneva New York.

At this moment, the Professional Development Committee is soliciting requests for proposals for a poster session and 16 workshops.  A poster session is scheduled Thursday morning before breakfast. Conference Workshops are 1 hour and 15 minutes long and are offered on Wednesday, October 2nd  and Thursday, October 3rd    In an effort to meet the needs of presenters and educators, workshops do have the option of being two sessions long.  The tracts the committee is focused on are:

  • Thrive Model

  • Project Materials and Curriculum,

  • 4-H Club Management,

  • Making the Best 4-H Educator Better: best practices for leadership skill building for educators, for dealing with challenges of our positions

  • Campus Initiatives: best practices recording and documenting our impact, common core, regionalized programs, and diversity.

Please take the time to submit an RFP for the annual conference. What kind of programming and experiences have you had, what research do you have to share, and are there any projects or programs you wish more 4-H Educators did. Now is your opportunity! Everyone will benefit by you sharing some of those experiences statewide. We all have joined   NYSACCE4-HE to better our professional abilities, so what better way than to be part of the conference and provide a presentation or poster.

Deadline for submissions is June 28th . Do not procrastinate. Stay on the track and submit your proposal right now through the online form, located on the Cornell Cooperative Extension Event Registration page under Oswego and Westchester counties. This link and the QR Code will take you directly there:

Be an integral part of the team that helps make the conference the best ever. Submit a RFP today.

Many Thanks:  Professional Development Committee

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