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New Staff Orientation

New Staff Orientation: Engaging Volunteers-Wed @10am


Welcome New 4-H Staff! Did you know 4-H Volunteers are the largest group of volunteers group within CCE! If you or any new staff in your office are connected to the process of engaging volunteers-this will be highly relevant.  Register and join us Wednesday at 10am as we gather around the CCE system's approach in extending our mission through the engagement of volunteers with the 4-H program and beyond. We'll connect you to the tools and resources to Dive Deeper and make connections to your local association. Then we invite you to join us next week, to share your discoveries and questions. Expect lots of connection, conversation, and learning! Please reach out with any questions and stay connected with us each month, as you can, through this three-part New Staff Orientation Experience. Understanding Our Mission, Vision and Values is a great place to start if you're just joining us. If you missed our first Gathering, we invite you to review the Recording/Slides to ground you in our purpose.

Looking forward to meeting you and reach out to Kelly Campbell ( with any questions.

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