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National 4-H PYD Spotlight Day at the NAE4-HYDP Conference

National 4-H Council has a recent donor who has agreed to sponsor the 4-H PYD Spotlight Day, so now the morning and afternoon sessions are at no cost to the participants.

Morning Plenary Session

Fully Prepared does not Mean Problem Free – But it does Mean being Resilient

We welcome Karen Pittman, Founder Partner of Knowledge to Power Catalysts, and Founder and former CEO of the Forum for Youth Development, to 4-H this morning! Ms. Pittman arguably started the youth development movement in the early 1990s with her famous statement “problem free is not fully prepared.” Ms. Pittman is a fan of 4-H work, and today she will share an updated vision of PYD for a new generation of youth. We will also hear from our five national 4-H partners on their efforts to center PYD in 4-H nationally and learn more about the work of the 4-H Standing Committee on Positive Youth Development. You will leave the session informed and motivated to make your PYD work the best it can be for a generation of youth that need 4-H now more than ever! Register Here

Afternoon PYD Academy Session

Helping Youth Thrive: Introduction to the Science and Practice of 4-H Positive Youth Development

This four-hour session provides an introduction to positive youth development and the 4-H Thriving Model. Participants will learn about the research science behind the magic of 4-H and its positive impact on youth. Led by seasoned 4-H professionals, this session will provide participants with practical ways to increase PYD outcomes in 4-H programs. The session is intended for 4-H educators and program leaders who are interested in learning the basics of what 4-H PYD and the 4-H Thriving Model are all about. Register Here

For more information, check out the 4-H PYD Academy website and email Janet Golden.

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