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Move and Make Art with Geo Art Studio!

Join the NYS 4-H Geospatial team, on May 2nd at 6 pm, for a short Zoom, to kick-off this great outdoor challenge!

Spring is HERE! Time to get outside, get moving, and create some art!

NYS 4-H is running a challenge for youth to create art using apps that track their movements. Think about what shapes, symbols, and crazy artwork you could "walk" out in your yard, a park, a field, riding a bike, rowing on a kayak, boat, or canoe!

We would love to see what you all can create and show it at your County and State Fairs. Use any app that creates a map of where you move, plans a route, go out, and do it! Then take a screenshot of the map and send it to Kat Leo. Easy Peasy!

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