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Mini-Grant Challenge: An Exciting Opportunity for Youths to Create Change

The Civic Engagement PWT is hosting a Mini-Grant Challenge open to all NYS 4-H Youths ages 8+. 4-H'ers will decide what cause/issue they want to focus on and will be guided through a process of developing a solution; this is an exciting opportunity for youths to take an active role in changing their world for the better! Winners will be awarded $100-$600, for a total of $3,000 across New York State.

Over the next month, there will be three workshops to help 4-H educators, youths, and their parents understand the application process and begin brainstorming. Attend as many as you are able! All workshops take place from 5-6pm on the dates listed below. April 20th - 4-H Mini-Grant Challenge: Deciding What Problem to Address & Brainstorming Possible Solutions ~ This introductory session will get kids thinking about what causes they are passionate about, then narrow their scope to what area they want to focus on and begin thinking about what they could do to address particular issues. May 4th - 4-H Tool-Sharing ~ This workshop will provide materials to help youths figure out the resources and costs/expenses associated with their project, as well as other tools to plan out the finer details. May 11th - 4-H Public Presentation of Mini-Grant Proposal ~ This workshop will help youths prepare to present their ideas to various stakeholders and the mini-grant committee/selection team.

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