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UPDATE: Meet 5 more of our Japanese Delegates

NYS 4-H is excited to pass along information on our 2022 Delegates that will be visiting NYS from Japan this summer. Please take the time to share with families and point them to the States' 4-H International application to host one of these youth this summer. Hosting is a 21-day adventure beginning in late July and ending in mid-August. Contact Autumn Lavine for more information.

Meet 5 of our Japanese youth looking for a host family:

  • Nagisa Kobayashi (Female age 14) – I like animals and I am good at drawing pictures, swimming and riding a unicycle. I want to enjoy American Culture.

  • Shinnosuke Wakasa (Male age 15) – I like soccer. I want to try American food and make Japanese food for my host family.

  • Momoka Komaki (Female age 13) – I like watching and making youtube videos and I like playing tennis.

  • Miki Asai (Male age 13) – I like to do many things like Legos, outdoor activities and music. I want to speak English with my host family.

  • Akari Nagao (Female age 13) – I like playing tennis, singing and dogs. I would like to make many friends.

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