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In Case You Missed It: Quarterly Thrive Update

Celebrating Thriving

Emerging PYD Leaders Congratulations to the first PYD Learning Circle Cohort! This team engaged in 6 in-depth sessions together-deepening their understanding of positive youth development, reflecting and learning for each other, and developing plans to strengthen their practice. Thank you for bringing your personal sparks, strengths and commitment to expand our efforts to advance the 4-H Thriving Model. DeAnna Sardella-Matthews - Orange County Sara Poggi-Decker - Columbia/Greene County Sarah Wilhelm - Ontario County Jeannette Murdie - Lewis County David Scholl - Onondaga County Jane Rodd - Dutchess County

"One of the most impactful things that I took from the PYD Learning Circles was

to ask myself why before, during, and after implementing county programs. It

was a gentle reminder to consider the thriving model, Sparks – Belonging –

Relationships – Engagement which can sometimes get lost in the minutiae of the

busy life of a 4-H Educator. It reminded me to reflect on my process and consider

if I was meeting the developmental context needed for growth."

2023 PYD Spotlight Day- Readiness, Resilience, and Respect

Karen Pittman, Founder and former CEO of the Forum for Youth Development, provided inspiration and renewed purpose to our efforts to advance the 4-H Thriving Model, as the plenary speaker at the PYD Spotlight Day before the NAE4-HYDP Conference in Pittsburg last month. Ms. Pittman arguably started the youth development movement in the early 1990s with her famous statement “problem free is not fully prepared.” She shared an updated vision of PYD for a new generation of youth, reminding us of the significant impact of our work and reminding us all that "Fully prepared doesn't require being problem-free, just resilient." Check out the resources and recording (Karen Pittman's talk "Readiness, Resilience, and Respect" starts at 53:31)


Planting the Seed

Thriving Stories The 4-H Thriving Model provides us with the framework we need to strengthen our practice, programs, and impact. As you’re finalizing annual reports, writing your success stories, and sharing your impact at your annual meetings, how are you intentionally incorporating the 4-H Thriving Model?

You can find the 4-H Thriving Model priority topic within CCE Program

Development and Reporting tool which flags annual program success stories

focused on or shared through the lens of the 4-H Thriving Model. Use the search

function to review the collection of stories and consider sharing your program

story for this Priority Topic.

Looking closer at our success stories can be the first step to integrating the 4-H Thriving Model. Learn how writing a success story using the 4-H Thriving Model helped Renee Hopkins of Livingston County to celebrate the success of success of their program in a new way and empowered her with the confidence to extend the model to her Board of Directors!


Digging In

PYD Immersion: One day learning opportunities for professional development on a focused topic important for effective 4-H PYD practice. January 10th, 2024 - Access, Equity, and Belonging: Strategies and Resources for Creating Safe and Relevant Spaces in Positive Youth Development Work February 14th, 2024 - Supporting Volunteers Using the Thriving Model

PYD Learning Circles: Join the new cohort with your colleagues across the state- connecting you with research-based resources and current best practices for supporting colleagues and volunteers in cultivating positive youth development. Deepen your understanding of positive youth development and work together to plan and reflect on our practice. Learn more and register by December 4th. Planning for Thriving: Ready to connect the Thriving Model with your program planning and advisory committees? Discover the tools and support you need to guide your team in planning for thriving- understand the community, the possibilities of what can be created together, and meet the needs assessment requirements for an Association 4-H Youth Development program– whether it be through guiding a formal advisory committee or informal advisory process. It’s an opportunity for collaborative leadership development for your Association staff and advisory committees. The experience kicks off in January. Learn more and register!


Shared Purpose: Helping Youth Thrive

4-H across the country and beyond is united in our efforts to help all youth thrive, coming together in new and myriad ways to realize this promise for America’s youth. The Program Leader’s Working Group (PLWG) 4-H Standing Committee on Positive Youth Development (PYD) seeks to advance the science and research foundation of positive youth development, with an emphasis on informing and transforming PYD practice in 4-H across the country. The 4-H PYD Committee coordinates national efforts to adopt and implement the 4-H Thriving Model. Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development supports these efforts through national, regional, and statewide collaborations. Within the 4-H PYD Committee are 3 working groups: Professional and Volunteer Capacity Building Working Group - identifies and develops 4-H Thriving Model educational resources for 4-H professionals and volunteers. Kelly Campbell represents CCE with this working group, serving as one of the working group leaders, and creating opportunities for 4-H professionals and volunteers to grow their PYD expertise and practice Program Planning and Evaluation for PYD Impact Working Group - identifies current and needed evaluation resources and tools to help build 4-H educators’ capacity to plan, evaluate, measure, and share the impact of their 4-H programming. Regional 4-H PYD Network - network of up to two champions from each LGU 4-H program. Champions work together nationally and, in their regions, to extend the work of the 4-H PYD Committee into their regions and states. Alexa Maille and Kelly Campbell represent CCE in this network as part of the Northeast Region. The Northeast Region’s current projects include a focus on professional and volunteer development, curating and sharing 4-H Thriving Stories, and strengthening the community of 4-H Thrive Champions. National 4-H PYD Academies, such as the 4-H PYD Spotlight Day, Foundations of Positive Youth Development for Early Career 4-H Professionals, Program Planning and Evaluation for Positive Youth Development Impact, and Immersion days, are hosted by the 4-H PYD Committee and its’ component working groups. Shawn Tiede serves as a 4-H System Liaison in the 4-H PYD Committee, supporting PYD Academies and leadership development. Check out the NYS 4-H PYD page to learn more about statewide initiatives to grow PYD practice and implement the 4-H Thriving Model in NYS.


Staying Connected

The team is here to support you as you explore new ways to advance the 4-H Thriving Model in your program, so please reach out with questions to Alexa, Kelly or Shawn. How are you integrating the 4-H Thriving Model? have successful methods, practices, or resources to share with others. We'd love to learn from you! Connect with Team: Alexa Maille - Kelly Campbell - Shawn Tiede -

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