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URGENT! A FEW more Host Families for Japanese Exchange Students are Needed!

Adventure awaits! Will you sign on for the challenge?

PLEASE HELP! It is vital that we find host placements by June 15th!

We have been moving along with our International Exchange and we still MUST HAVE host families for 2 of our chaperones. Chaperones are here to support the delegates and help them as needed. Chaperones do need their own space but are very self-sufficient.

We are also in desperate need of host families for 2 - 15-year-old male delegates. Delegate host families must have a host sibling of similar age and gender and they must have their own bed.

You can find a little more information below. Our delegation is arriving July 23rd and will be here through August 13/15. If you or someone you know would be willing to host it would be greatly appreciated. The online application can be found here If you are not interested, please feel free to forward on to someone who may.

Chaperones –

  • Shigenobu Yoshimoto – M 39 y/o – enjoys traveling, watching movies, watching all kinds of sports and visiting museums. (has an allergy to dog fur and shrimp)

  • Yuka Saigusa – F 22 y/o – enjoys reading and watching movies. Enjoys musicals and her favorite movie is “The Greatest Showman”

Emergency Delegate Placements

  • Ryonosuke Tanaka – 15 y/o M – Loves Listening to Music. “I talk to as many people as possible at my homestay and become friends.”

  • Rikuto Tajima – 15 y/o M – Likes to be out in nature and plays the piano.

Please feel free to email me or call for more information.

NYS 4-H International Exchange Local Coordinator

NYS Fair 4-H Youth Building Program Coordinator

(607) 253-2021 (home office)

607-731-5075 (cell)

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