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Horse Judging Virtual Opportunity

Wednesday, July 13, 7 - 8 pm

We are happy to announce a virtual judging opportunity for youth to finetune their judging skills before the NYS 4-H Horse Judging contest in August!

Join us on July 13th with Kelsey Kealthy on Zoom at 7 pm! She will be meeting with us from 7-8 pm to talk about horse judging and give you tips, tricks, and skills. Registration is required by July 10th and the Zoom link will be sent out on July 11th. If you have any questions please email Jessica Tyson or Colleen Wersigner.

Want to help with the Judging Practice? Submit Photos of Horses by August 1st!

The horse judging coach, Colleen, is looking for 4-H youth to send pictures of their personally owned horses, leased horses, equine friends, etc., and send them to her via email. She will need the front, hind, and side views along with the breed and sex of the equine you are submitting photos of! Once she receives the photos, she will compile them and create classes that will be shared with 4-H youth across the state! Youth will submit their class placings to her, and we will review the answers. The winner(s) will receive 4-H Horse prizes!

We are looking for photos to be submitted by Monday, August 1st, 2022, at 4 pm!

They can be submitted to Colleen Wersinger.

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