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Helping Youth Thrive - 2 upcoming national professional development opportunities

Are you looking for opportunities to grow your practice supporting positive youth development?

Foundations of Positive Youth Development (PYD) Academy for Early Career 4-H professionals

  • Fundamentals of the science and practice of positive youth development in 4-H

  • All-virtual academy. Phase 1 (Learning Phase) is 30 hours of learning October 16 - December 7. Phase 2 (Learning Circles) is 5 monthly meetings December 12 - April 4.

  • Recommended for all 4-H professionals within the first 3 years of their 4-H career, including educators, specialists and 4-H program leaders.

  • Full tuition for the academy is $500 ($375 for Phase One only). Scholarships available.

The 4-H PYD Academy provides educators with a fundamental understanding of the science and practice of PYD in 4-H, and the 4-H Thriving Model, the theory and framework guiding 4-H program development. After completing the initial virtual learning phase this fall, participants can take part in monthly learning circles (also virtual) designed to put learning into practice with the help of a mentor and small group of academy participants. The academy is recommended for all 4-H professionals within the first three years of their 4-H career.

Complete information on the Academy, including the syllabus and schedule, can be found here.

Scholarship Opportunities

4-H PYD Spotlight Day Plenary

You are invited to attend the virtual 4-H PYD Spotlight Day Plenary on Monday October 9th .

Attendance at the PYD Spotlight is at no charge thanks to generous support from National 4-H Council.

The event will be broadcast live from Pittsburgh, the site of the 2023 National 4-H Educators Conference. This session will feature Karen Pittman, Founding Partner of Knowledge to Power Catalysts, and Founder and former CEO of the Forum for Youth Development. Ms. Pittman arguably started the youth development movement in the early 1990s with her famous statement “problem free is not fully prepared.” Ms. Pittman is a fan of 4-H, and she will share an updated vision of PYD for a new generation of youth. We will also hear from our five national 4-H partners on their efforts to center PYD in 4-H nationally and learn more about the work of the 4-H Standing Committee on Positive Youth Development. You will leave the session informed and motivated to make your PYD work the best it can be for a generation of youth that need 4-H now more than ever!


Reach out with any questions to Andy Turner, or either of our two Cornell Cooperative Extension national PYD Champions, Alexa Maille and Kelly Campbell.

Learn more about upcoming national 4-H PYD Academies here.

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